When I Saw Your Name

Here’s the start of an email I received from someone I’d previously replied to (my emphasis):

Dear Gary

I saw your name the other day, and recognised it. I was looking at frameworks to use with WordPress sites, as we seem to be supplying a few of them now and wanted to find some consistency going forward.

As you were kind enough to email me last year (not sure if I responded at the time), when I saw your name associated with the genesis framework, I made my decision and bought genesis and themes for our little company. It looks great, and would like to be working with developers that are familiar with it.

It then goes on to enquire about me doing some development work with Genesis with them. I hope the sender doesn’t mind me posting, but it’s nice to have my name recognised, and nice to have it associated with a great product 🙂 That email made my day, thank you.