Our twins, known online as Smidge and Smudge, were born extremely prematurely, I blogged a little about their progress.

The archive here is in date order with the earliest at the top.

The Arrival of Smidge and Smudge

Tiny baby in an incubator with breathing apparatus on. Covered with a blanket, and daddy's hand on his back.

Katie and I are happy to announce the (very early) arrival of our twins yesterday. We haven’t decided on names yet, so they are currently referred to by their bump nicknames – Smidge and Smudge. The twins weren’t due until March 5th, meaning they’ve arrived at 26 weeks and 2 days, and are currently in…

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First Cuddles


It’s now been 96 hours since it all kicked off, so just short of four days since Smidge and Smudge arrived, and in the meantime they’ve been doing fantastically well.

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Progress and Setbacks


One of the things that I mentioned previously was the doctor told us to expect setbacks, and over the last couple of days, we seem to have hit a few (relatively minor) setbacks – there has been some progress too though.

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Smidge and Smudge: No News Is Good News


Just a quick update as Gary hasn’t done one for a while. I think that the main reason for no updates is that the twins have been fairly stable, with no major changes for a while. They’ve been a bit up and down, as previously, but nothing too worrying or critical.

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Smidge and Smudge – Learning to Breathe


The immature respiratory systems of Smidge and Smudge have taken a bit of time to get started, but after some progress, and setbacks, we’re definitely making giant leaps forwards.

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Big Progress for Little Smidge and Smudge


{EAV:78941844a133c763} It’s been too long since either of us posted an update on Smidge and Smudge’s progress, and we’re sorry about that. No news is good news though, and that’s exactly what we’ve got for you on this update!

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Smidge is Home


As was the plan, we’ve finally been allowed to take Smidge home.

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At Home With Smidge And Smudge


Smudge was allowed home nine days after Smidge was. During that time, Katie was taking Smidge back into hospital as he needed feeding, as did Smudge. We’d got a little bit of a routine going with Smidge, but basically had to start again once our daughter came home too.

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Feeding and growing


Written 29 April but never posted as was waiting for photos to be added. Well, enough already, here is the update from then. More to come shortly, you might have to wait for pics! Since Easter weekend the twins have been growing well. ¬†Even though when we packed the bag on Thursday night the 6lb…

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Viruses and medical updates


Well, after the debacle that was the previous update, I will post this without waiting to add pictures, as I learned to my cost that it simply will not happen if I wait! I am sure we can get a gallery post sorted between us soon, and if not at least people will know the…

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