The house is still in one piece

Just felt the urge to blog after installing a loft light all by myself. An odd thing to be chuffed about I know, but I am, so there. Bit of a git to get it wired up in the junction box with 4 cables (therefore 12 wires) to manage, but gave it a go, whacked the power back on, started to put in a bulb[1], then realised the switch was already on, turn the switch off, put the bulb in, and switched the switch – job’s a good’un. If I had a camera I’d show you evidence…

Now why doesn’t twin plus earth cable already have sleeving on the earth wire? Must frustrating when you trying to put the wire and all you’re doing is moving the sleeving instead.

[1] Energy saving bulb of course.






2 responses to “The house is still in one piece”

  1. katie avatar

    “Must frustrating” *lol*

    The site didn’t “see” that I was still logged in from the last comment to this post, though word press knew I was there. Wonder what that’s all about. Think you might have to do some “fidgeting” with these bits when you get here and set up, as it’s highly frustrating (must frustrating, even ;o)) and means I’m less likely to visit and comment if I can’t navigate the site without hassle.

    Have a good day!

  2. katie avatar

    and there’s no way to edit comments – like the spelling mistake above that I couldn’t see when typing the comment because the words went under the links box!!!! AAArgghhhhhh!!!!

    Gazza: Spelling mistake now fixed, and Edit Comments plugin added 🙂