The day after the Night in Liverpool

My Old HouseWas awake at 7:30 even though I’d only got to sleep at about 3am. Still managed to doze on and off until about 10am when I heard movement downstairs. We had breakfast, a quick tidy up, then a quick game of Tiger Woods ’08 before I left. Saz and Phil headed for B&Q while I decided to take an impromptu 2 hour detour from driving home by driving cross-country to North Lincs to see my Nan. I didn’t know if she’d be in, or if it would be convenient to “drop-in”, but meh, what the heck.

I also stopped off at Woolston, Warrington to see our old house; it’s been 20 years and 1 month since we moved out, and the area still looks quite nice :o) Couldn’t find the primary school though, though I did find and remember the bus shelter where I’m convinced someone was going to try and kidnap me as a child!

I left Nan’s at 6pm, but with traffic jams clogging up the M1 due to sheer weight of traffic (where did they all come from on a Sunday night?!, I didn’t get home until 23:00. By the time I’ve done the bits on the computer, got my stuff ready for this week, gone to bed and woken up again, I’ll have had about 4 hours sleep. Oh well, should make the badminton interesting…