Talent-Finder Released

Over the last few days I’ve been helping to do some work on a new spreadsheet for the Battrick game I play. Someone (zinc) had found a highly accurate formula to work out the un-displayed sub levels of players, based on their wage, and this spreadsheet made use of that formula.

After a few intermediate versions, and updates, we released the first official version of Talent-Finder yesterday.

It was soon apparent though that due to the macro code in Excel being different to that supported by Open Office (a free open-source version of office software), some people wouldn’t be able to use it. Today then, was about rewriting the back-end code from one language that I’m not particularly good with anyway, into another language which I’ve never used before!. In short, it’s now complete, so all Battrick managers have a chance to use the fantastic resource we’ve created, and it’s added to all the other Battrick Resources.






2 responses to “Talent-Finder Released”

  1. nitin Avatar

    Hi Gary ,

    Are you playing fromthepavilion ? You can create a few cool tools for FTP also …..

  2. Gary Avatar

    Nope I’m not, although I’ve heard good things – trouble is I’m busy enough with BT to spend time playing another game!