Tag: WordPress

  • New Site Theme

    The Thesis WordPress theme that I purchased is amazing, and probably the best, most comprehensive theme out there. The SEO, usability and customisation benefits are superb.

  • Thesis Theme Semantics

    My thoughts on the Thesis theme for WordPress and why I can’t *quite* bring myself to purchase it. Yet.

  • Web Projects Update

    Back in January I wrote a post about all the web projects that I wanted to work on whilst I wasn’t working. Here’s an update for each of those.

  • RegExp's – just like Marmite

    I sent the author of a WordPress plugin some code to help improve the plugin, and this was his reply.

  • Review: hReview WordPress Plugin

    A review of the hReview WordPress plugin. Marked up as a hReview, naturally.

  • Web Projects

    I’ve got so many web projects on the go at the moment, it’s difficult to keep track of them! This lists what I’m up to at the moment.