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  • Allan & Becky’s Wedding Reception

    Gallery of a few pics from Allan and Becky’s wedding Reception at Lord’s cricket ground.

  • Thoughts

    Having not spoken to my former colleagues for various reason since I left to move abroad, I’ve only just found out that one of them has since died. “S” was a manager at the prison who I respected deeply, and whose calming persona and mannerisms were just what the role needed.

  • Introspective Moments

    I don’t often have introspective moments, but I’m having one now. I’m sitting here, listening to Katy Perry, headphones on, chatting to friends on IRC, discussing whether I should show an old poem / verse of mine to a friend who has lost her Nan last week.

  • Social week

    I realised a few days ago that this final week has got just about all of the regular social activities in it that I’ve been doing over the last 8 months or so.

  • Dead Laptop

    Unfortunately Katie’s laptop hard drive is playing silly b’s so I haven’t had access to the net, and won’t do for another few days at least. In the mean time I’ve made some friends with the WAGs of the men Katie works with, hence this access via Sarah’s laptop (thanks!). Lots going on, and everthing’s…

  • Leaving Meal

    Last night I headed back down to Dorchester for the last time, for the leaving meal for work. Read on to find out how it went.