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  • Horrible Bug

    The family has been overrun with a bug over the last few days, one which has made me and Katie violently ill. Smidge and Smudge are just about getting back to normal, as are Katie and myself (other than bruising and tiredness), but it means a lot of catching up on jobs and life to…

  • Marian Hartley Follow-up

    Thanks to one of the guys from Battrick, who kindly searched The Times archive for me, I now have some more information about Marian Hartley, a distant relative who was killed in 1966 aged 15. Update: The title, URL and non-quoted references in this post originally referred to Marion, as that’s what the papers spelt…

  • Marian Hartley

    Whilst doing an interview for my family tree research I was told about a relative of mine who was murdered in the 1950s or 1960s. There was only one source on the web that I could find that mentioned Marian Hartley, my 1st cousin twice removed, and that was the grainy image of the front…

  • Grandad Remembered

    I don’t really know too much about my Grandad, except that he died 20 years ago today.

  • Web Projects

    I’ve got so many web projects on the go at the moment, it’s difficult to keep track of them! This lists what I’m up to at the moment.

  • My First MY Post

    I’m here, in body, if not quite here in mental capacity yet (jet lag). Read about my experience along the way.