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  • Sydney photos

    Sydney photos

    Although I didn’t get around to reviewing our trip to Sydney, we have now sorted out the photos. Here are a few selective ones from Sydney.

  • Dead Laptop

    Unfortunately Katie’s laptop hard drive is playing silly b’s so I haven’t had access to the net, and won’t do for another few days at least. In the mean time I’ve made some friends with the WAGs of the men Katie works with, hence this access via Sarah’s laptop (thanks!). Lots going on, and everthing’s…

  • Oz-post

    A quick update to say that the holiday is going really well. We’ve done a fair bit already, with some more exciting things to come.

  • And so I go

    The stuff for shipping is just about sorted, with the exception being the computer and monitor. That is being picked up tomorrow this afternoon and is being whisked away, never to be seen….for at least 2, maybe 3, possibly even 6 weeks.

  • Oz here we come

    I’m heading to Malaysia on the 10th November, arriving in the evening of the 11th, then heading onto Australia (Sydney) on the 13th, arriving on the 14th!