Night time in Liverpool

Yesterday I drove up to Liverpool, taking about 4 hours. Not too bad, and it could have been a lot worse. Spent the evening doing Singstar on the PS2. Basically karaoke, but actually quite fun!

After a good night’s sleep, we got up, had bacon butties, played some Tiger Woods 2008 on the Wii, then went to watch the Marine game. Result, as they win 3-0, although the ref tried his best to disrupt the game with a few dodgy bookings. Drinks in the bar afterwards watching the England game, who strangely also win 3-0 against Estonia.

New people I met:

  • Sarah Davies (Phil’s missus – fairly quiet girl with a lovely personality)
  • friendly Tom (Funny and easy going, until the alcohol kicked in),
  • quiet Tom, Dave & Jane, Dave and Liz, Kate and Ste (Didn’t really speak to).

Also re-met:

  • Phil (The Birthday Boy, and general Scouse Git)
  • Bob Jones (Phil’s dad – likes and knows his history, a nice guy)
  • Trev (Hungover on this occasion, late for the match and needs a haircut ;o) )
  • Mark (Bruises from his fight with the pavement healing nicely – he’s a good lad)
  • Bong (Quiet member of the group, and likes to be thrashed at the Wii Tennis).

Saturday, we didn’t get to the KH unfortunately, but spent the night at Sarah’s (& Phil’s) instead. A good night, with games, more singing, lots of drinking, arguing, crying, stories, sports and some more drinking.

Tomorrow will be waking up, recovering and driving home. Back to work on Monday, with a badminton match in the evening.