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  • Chicago, Day 1

    Chicago, Day 1

    My first full day of exploring around the centre of chicago.

  • WordCamp UK Social Videos

    Remkus, Liz, Kim, Andrea and Ryan. In the Dolphin pub on the Saturday night social. Remkus, Ryan, David, Steve?, Tom, Noel, Matt, ?, Joe, Toby In the Dolphin pub on the Saturday night social, later in the evening. Rachel, Peter, Liz, Remkus, Ryan, Sue, Noel, Elzette, David.

  • Sunny day

  • Healthy Efforts

    Healthy Efforts

    For a long while when growing up, I could eat whatever I wanted and I didn’t put on weight. As I’ve got older, the pounds are creeping on, and are getting harder to shift. Up until I the wedding late last year, I was just about keeping on top of it although I was still…

  • Genre Breakdown

    My breakdown from when I began until today.

  • Sarah’s 40th Birthday

    Sarah’s 40th Birthday

    Our ex-neighbour Sarah’s 40th birthday bash.