Leaving Meal

Last night I headed back down to Dorch for the last time, for the leaving meal for work. A very enjoyable meal, with lovely company, and some laughs and chats. All great, and pictures should be following shortly. Many thanks to Alan who also paid for mine and Sarah’s meals, as well as being official photographer for the night, AND organising getting my remaining stuff back from work. Ta muchly for Sarah for driving to and from the meal as well – I hope the “puncture” clears itself up!In the end there were 9 of us for the meal (another 3 had come for earlier drinks), although initially 18 had said they were come. Some colleagues hadn’t been able to make the meal, and had either met me earlier for drinks, or told me they couldn’t make it for various reasons. Fair enough. Some just hadn’t bothered turning up – they (and others) know who they are. They may have had their reasons, but there’s never a reason for a lack of politeness. Consequently there won’t be the chance to say the goodbyes which might be just as well.

New Pastures

Well that’s me done with Dorset for the time being. I’m still technically employed by the college until the 16th November, though I’m now using up all the leave I had left, so I can get out to Malaysia quicker. I’ve just received a nice supportive email from one of the lecturers, so that will be archived to remember my time there.
Overall I enjoyed working there, and would want to work in prisons again given the chance – my stock saying is that you can teach there, rather than child mind, like you do in school. The good news is that there might be some odd days of work creating spreadsheets and the like, while I’m away in Malaysia, giving me something to keep my brain occupied, and some pocket money to boot.

Time to move on

Am I upset at leaving? Not really – I’ve done my time there, so to speak, I know I’ve worked damn hard to make sure the department as a whole ran as smoothly as possible, as well as just from my employer’s perspective. Added to that, knowing what’s coming up in the future (though as with most things it seems with me – plans change) in heading to Malaysia, and a holiday in Australia as well, means I’m a happy little soul right now (apart from the prep needed for the house and stuff before I go!).





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  1. katie Avatar

    I can’t see bigger versions of the pics as I get a 404. Clearly not urgent as you’re busy getting ready to come to Malaysia, but I thought I’d note the fact down for you. Also, can I change my password somewhere, as it’s annoying having to log into my emails to get the highly forgettable password for this site! *lol*