Who I’ve Helped

Gary Jones

I often provide free help or code for people in forums or on a one-to-one basis, to help them with whatever project they may be doing. Although most of them thank me in the related support forum or via private / instant messages, I’ve always thought it would be good to have them all in one place.

Please Comment

As you’ve arrived here, chances are it’s because you’ve followed a link I provided. All I ask is that you take the time (like I did when I helped you), to post a comment below. Perhaps also include how I helped you so I can remember which issue it was that I helped you with.

Buy Me a Beer

Occasionally, some like to show their gratitude via a donation (since all the support I give is as a volunteer), so I provide the link below as a courtesy to them. I don’t ask for a donation if I’ve helped someone, but it’s always nice to receive something for my time that I can put towards my own wishlists. Think of it like giving a barman or a taxi driver a tip (except they are also being paid to do help you anyway!). I’m not employed by or paid by StudioPress (creators of the Genesis Framework) or anyone else to provide the assistance I do in support forums, so it is all voluntary.

175 responses to “Who I’ve Helped”

  1. Hey Gary,
    Thank you for the tip on getting my thumbnails to appear properly on my site. Definitely a big improvement on the overall layout.


  2. Hi Gary, Thanks so much for your forum help with my Thesis Bylines problem.

    As you know, the way I described my problem there was: I can’t get my Byline to obey. I want to show my name and the date. I had set it up to do that in Thesis Options, but there was no joy.

    The best the first person that tried to help me offered was that the problem had nothing to do with Thesis, as Thesis was obeying my wishes by looking in all the right places but not finding my username available. They indicated that if all was well, Thesis would probably show my name anyway.

    By the time I got to you with the problem I was about ready throw up my hands up and maybe my lunch, too. I was just about ready to uninstall the whole shebang—that may be a technical term some are not familiar with—and start over from a fresh beginning.

    Bless your heart, laddie, despite the fact that you are too old to have any pimples left and, therefore, not qualified by age to know a lot about computers and software, you immediately cut incisively to the heart of the matter of my Bylines problem.

    Assuming I had, in fact, already made the choices in Thesis Options > Bylines in setting it up as I wanted, you had me go to Thesis Options > Users > Username, select the username displayed or click ‘Edit’ under it, both of which would bring up the WordPress User Profile page. There I was to make sure First name, Last name, and Nickname slots were filled in as desired. Then I was to click the down-arrow next to ‘Display name publicly’ and select the name I wanted to display.

    All that was far easier done than to explained. I did everything as you instructed and, voila, success!

    I am no longer concerned with keeping my lunch down and I can again enjoy the beauty of the roses and the delightfully delicate, lush, sweet fragrance of their flowers.

    You’re a rare gem of a technician and an all around class guy, Gary. Thanks for the help.

    Say a hearty hello for me to my ancestors back there in the holy land of dear ole England and the rest of the United Kingdom.

  3. I sent you a personal message before finding this thread. Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your help with the Thesis Theme. You certainly have many other things to do… but I must say you’ve helped me improve my blog a lot! Thank you! -Kelly

  4. Thank you so much for helping me with my nav bar customizations! You’re replies were always quick and you definitely know what you’re talking about. Thanks a lot for your time, really appreciate it. All the best,

  5. Hello Gary,

    I’d like to say thank you once again for your time and help. I’m pretty new to Thesis as I am to WP and css. You are the kind of person that makes beginners want to learn more and more.

    I wish you all happiness and joy with your wedding (I’m getting married in July 09). (Nice hotel btw…)

  6. Thanks for your help with my CSS Gary. You really outdid yourself, I couldnt find the solution for the life of me, I had tried many different options only for Gary to show me how to check the code before to make sure the website is even reading the CSS attributes because it was already broken by a previous typo.

    Thanks for the assistance, I think I have come away with a solution to several of my problems, and some knowlege to go forward.


  7. Gary, thanks for the help on my alt-tag / avatar issue for our corporate blog. You’ve offered comments on some of my other Thesis related learning curve issues, as well. Always appreciated!


  8. Thanks for your help in the Thesis forums! One of the hardest parts of blogging can be the technical side, actually getting your site to look how you want it too. It can be frustrating and time consuming.

    This is where people like you, who take the time to help us out can really save the day.

    Thanks Gary!

  9. Thanks so much for taking out the time to help me in my Thesis customisations….they’ve helped me far far more than I can say.

    I wish I could draw a specific instance when you’ve helped but it’s been quite a few times really so it’s almost embarassing now…. 🙂

    Thanks for taking out the time to help blokes like me…it helps me get from A-Z and not lose bits of sanity in the process.

  10. Poor Gary – he started out to answer a question I had about spacing on the thesis theme. I ended up hiring him to do some updates for me of both wp and thesis and it took him hours. We’d agreed on a very reasonable flat fee and he might have made a penny an hour… not much more.

    He went several extra miles creating short codes for me and sorting out some other issues and even trying to help my host with thumbnails on Thesis… and when that didn’t work has approached the Thesis folks so they can make the change to match my host.

    I can’t speak highly enough of him.

    I now consider him part of my virtual staff.

    Anne Wayman, blogging at http://www.aboutfreelancewriting.com

  11. Thanks so much, Gary, for the help and suggestions you’ve made recently. You seem to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve, and they are very valuable to me. I’m a pretty laid-back person and any help I can get is gratefully accepted!

  12. Hi Gary,

    Thank you so much for the excellent work that you and Mike Nichols together provided me to customize my navigation menu using WordPress + Thesis. Your advice and codes were spot on! No doubt, I will be in touch with you in the future for more help. Keep up the good work!

    By the way, I see that you have spent 9 months in Malaysia. I am originally from India and I live permanently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Right now, I am in the US and I have been here for the last two years. However, my stay in the US is coming to an end, and I will be leaving this coming Sunday, June 28, 2009 for home. If you are ever in that part of the world, do give me a call.

    • We loved Malaysia, and would definitely want to go back in the future – still so much to explore in that part of the world. India is also on my list of to visit places too.

  13. Thanks for helping me with the my CSS Drop Down Nav. I stared at the code for a week trying to figure out why my rollovers extended to the right in Firefox. Of course you gave me the answer within an hour. I would never be able to build halfway decent websites (or want to) without guys like you there to help.

    URL will be http://bnriverkeeper.org once site goes live in a week or two.

    Thanks again Gary!


  14. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for helping me with the padding on my site!
    It was a very easy fix once you told me what to do 🙂

    Thank you again,

    P.S. You should consider adding comment luv to this site

  15. Gary, I’m extremely happy you took the time to chime on the Thesis forum. I had been struggling big time until you came to the rescue and clean up the code someone else had given me. Thank you very much, if you’re ever in Miami, FL. USA, let me know you earn a free dental cleaning 🙂 and a beer.

    • Not a problem – if I could have teeth as white as half of the CSI show (the alive half), then it’d be worth the trip 🙂

  16. Gary:

    Two things…I got a copy of your response to Chris..not my site…is that the way it is supposed to happen…and:

    you have a great eye…take a look at road2ruin.org and longrun pictures(tabbed) and if you have a moment let me know what you think…also…where is that twitter hookup from…looks great on your site


    • Hi Michael,
      Not sure what you mean – maybe you’re subscribed to a post on his site where I commented? If so, then yes – Subscribe to Comments is a WordPress Plugin that emails through any subsequent comments to posts you’ve commented on.

      The Twitter image was “borrowed” from someone else who was trying to set up exactly the same thing – I gave them the code to do it, so I thought it only fair I copy it and use it myself too 🙂

  17. Gary:
    I replied to his check my site out forum thread…I was curious as to how/why i was notified when you replied.

    As for the twitter and the comment ‘widgets’ ( I am sure that they are not widgets) I really like your comment structure…how does one go about incorporating it…I am not sure of the ethics here and besides I know so little that “borrowing” it is beyond my capability. i would love to use it though…it is smart and simple and clean.

    Thanks for your response and all the best. 🙂

  18. Thanks for the input on my new website. The additions you suggested have worked out well. Thanks for taking time out of your day to help me.

  19. Gary,

    The same day I contacted gary he was on the case. Very fast, expedient service.

    Thank you.

  20. Hi Gary,

    Just wanted to thank you for all of your help. I really really appreciate you taking the time to be of help to so many people, it’s truly appreciated.


  21. Gary, thanks so much for your frequent help and guidance. You were able to open my eyes to a host of new ways of doings things, and I am thankful for that too. If I didn’t stumble across this page by chance I’d have had no idea that I could help you in return – even if it’s orders of magnitude less than you did for me.



  22. I consider myself an “intermediate” coder, but you totally saved the day for me! The removing of author bios on certain posts was driving me nutty, but you managed to give me the correct code. Thank you SO much! People like you allow me to keep running the blog instead of staring at code I don’t understand.


  23. Thanks, Gary, for taking the time to looking at my Thesis problem with Italicized headings on IE*. The fact that you were able to duplicate the problem helped.

  24. Hi Gary,
    Thanks so much for your help with migrating my WordPress blog. This isn’t the first time I’ve benefited from the feedback you give on the DIYthemes forum, and I’m sure it won’t be the last – you do a fantastic job of explaining things in terms that everyone can understand.

  25. Gary,
    Thanks for going over the custom_functions.php to find the error that was driving us crazy! We were considering switching themes, but because of you, we’re sticking with Thesis. You rock!


  26. Gary,

    I deeply appreciate your taking the time to help improve my multilevel dropdown menu system. Not only is your solution more efficient, but it removes the necessity of using header scripts in Thesis Options — something a lot of people get hung up on.

    I will incorporate your solution into my tutorial and zip file as soon as possible!


  27. Gary helped me when others either could not or would not take the time and I am FOREVER grateful.

    He helped me get descriptions from my taxonomies to appear to viewers of my site.

  28. Gary,

    Thank you for your assistance with my issue. Your solution fixed my problem! Thank you very much!

  29. What can I say? Thank you Gary showing me that I had saved custom.css to somewhere or other but not to where I thought, and from there had uploaded the wrong file.

    Many thanks
    David at Quillcards

  30. Gary helped me today by sending me code to fix the margins of my page which were affected by code I added while inserting a background image to my site. He has helped me several times before (very patiently) and I so appreciate it!

    Thanks Gary!

  31. Gary,

    You saved me a ton of time by showing me how to remove the whitespace above the header. I spent hours searching through Google and couldn’t find a solution, but once I heard from you, I was able to fix the problem within a few minutes.

    Thanks again.

  32. I really appreciate your knowledge, generosity, and patience. I had a really frustrating problem with the Thesis WordPress Theme and you jumped in and spent at least an hour instant messaging with me until we figured out what needed to be done. Thanks very much!

  33. I have been stumbling around in the dark for years trying to work things out on my own. I have hired developers in the past to help me out with my websites only to be disappointed and taken advantage of. When I was referred to Gary for some CSS and PHP work I noticed instantly that this guy knows what he is doing beyond comprehension. He blew me away with some dramatic changes he made on my website within minutes of my first communication with him. Gary is based in the UK and I’m in the USA but with using Skype to communicate I have managed to keep Gary up till 1-2am on his clock working on my site a few times with no complaints. I’m excited to be working on a new project with him currently and I have full confidence he can exceed my expectations. Thanks Gary, you’re on my team from now on.
    Brett Dalbeth

  34. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your help with the filter function for stripping paratags in the output of a WordPress templet function . Your solution fixed my problem!


  35. Thanks Gary for your help re not displaying correctly in IE… It works but there is still a positioning shift in IE ( ie menu is more left. Is there a IEhack that would fix this?

  36. Well – as of now – there’s 47 other comments all saying the same thing…

    But I feel a need to chime in and say that Gary is simply the best. No questions about it.

    Gary took the time to talk to me and explain things to me and when I finally had work for him to do he did it lightening quick.

    You’d be absolutely CRAZY not to use Gary.

    Thanks again!


  37. Gary,
    Thanks for the tip to create a “Who I have helped” page. I read it in a post over in the Thesis forums.

    I am glad I found you and your website. Keep up the good work.


  38. I often use a support forum Gary frequents. He is not only knowledgeable, but his answers are to the point and easy to understand. When I search threads for answers to my questions, if I find one that Gary has answered in, it usually means I do not have to post my own question on the same topic. One thing I like about style is that he will answer even if it is obvious your mistake is so basic you really should have noticed it in the first place. When I do have to post my own question, I usually find myself hoping he will be the one to respond. You can’t go wrong with his advice.

    Thanks Gary!

  39. Gary, I have used your suggestion re creating pages and navigation menu and it worked for me. Your kindness is much appreciated. thank you!

  40. I’m trying to build a website with Thesis. When I run into problems, I try and get help on the forum. I had a weird problem with the color of my site showing up in Internet Explorer only.

    Thanks Gary for your help!!!

  41. As a newbie to the website, WP, Thesis community Gary accepted my starter questions with friendly and helpful answers. They have easily been confidence building and encouraging my further progress. Thank you so much and for communicating like a friend.
    Lucky life,

  42. Gary – Thanks so much for helping me with my footer widget code and alignment issue. I was having problems initially with my widgets not working properly, and the PHP snippet you offered corrected the problem. Also, thanks for the great suggestions on positioning the widgets… I really appreciate your help!
    All the best,

  43. Gary,
    Thanks so much for your help with my css. Adding a colored background made all the difference, because then I could really see what was working.

  44. Gary,

    Thank you so much for your help. It was a big headache for me that you made so simple. Thanks again !


  45. Gary, you are quite simpy “excellent” at what you do. Calm, methodical approach to problem solving and like a dog with a bone when you cant work something out. Many thanks for your help today with my PC queries.
    Debbie Watkins

  46. Gary,

    Many thanks for helping me with that parsing problem. I’ve still got some work to do to finish the project, but without your help I wouldn’t have got started.

    If ever there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I would be happy to return the favor.


  47. Gary, thank you SO much for all your help with my blog revamp. You’re incredibly knowledgeable, incredibly thorough, and incredibly reasonable (and let’s not forget incredibly patient with technological novices like me).

    And through your creative connections, you served up a great new look for the blog that wonderfully complements my main site. I was skeptical at the outset that I needed it, but you made your case eloquently, and the feedback’s been great so far. It’s such a relief to know I now have a great resource to turn to in the future. If you’ve got a blog project on tap, or need technical support on an existing one, Gary’s the man. He’s got you covered so you can focus on what YOU do best…


  48. Hey Gary,

    Found my way here after you helped with some code to rid my blog of some unwanted text and it worked.

    So thanks for your unselfish action, it really helped me out.

    You know, guys like you really do make it all worthwhile for guys like me who stumble around the internet for hours on end trying to make sense of all the gobbly gook.

    Onya mate,

  49. Thank you for your help on my website.
    I had difficulties with image sizes on my page and you opened my eyes.
    Your support was much appreciated.

  50. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for helping me with adding/editing my meta tags for content language. Now everything looks ok, and I hope this will help me getting into the Google index correctly.
    Walther from Gothenburg in Sweden

  51. Thanks Gary… thesis and WP can be difficult to master, but thanks for your tips on how to incorporate iframes into my Thesis site!

  52. Hey Gary, thanks for helping me on the Thesis + AIOSEO question which I’ve been wondering. You’re being so helpful to all of us!

  53. Thanks for your help with Thesis! Most impressive how you figured out how to made the transparent image link line up perfectly on top of my background-image. Plus, making it function in all the different browers …especially, getting it right in IE. Thanks again! Tom

  54. Gary, thanks so much for your help with Thesis!

    I’ve never spent as little time and as little brain power following your instructions – it’s so great to have something easy-to-follow and intuitive so I don’t have to bang my head against the wall.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Catherine,
      I’m really glad to here that, so thank you! Providing instructions so someone gets it right first time as the way to go 🙂

  55. Gary,

    Thanks for your help in the DIY forums. You offered some advice to a query I posted completely unsolicited.

    I have seen you around in the forums and your proficiency in code makes my head explode! I really like that you are committed to using the ‘best’ method of coding, not just to get the desired outcome that could be very ugly and even detrimental in the background.


    • Hi Graham,
      All competent coders will have their own unique interpretations on the definition of “best”, and I’m no exception!
      I do, however, try and aim for completeness and stability of code now, to avoid future issues that someone else may have to deal with.

  56. Gary,

    I so much appreciate your help with my coding issues. What I like most about your generosity and knowledge is that it fixed the present problem and taught me something about how to avoid similar such in the future.

    all the best


  57. Gary, thanks for your help with Thesis code. Your explanation of font sizes was on the money!

  58. Gary guided me to a fix by tracking down the bogus characters hiding within my css code, and he stuck with me until it was resolved. I’d still be looking if he hadn’t taken the time to help.

    Thanks, Gary. I wish I were smart enough to give you some help, but alas …

    • Is there a link to this ? from drt on widgets & sidebars? I have every style widget instruction page and am still stuck. Am I getting closer to overcoming this hurdle now, quik, where is the description>
      Joan A

  59. Thank you for your help with my social widgets background colour. Worked straight away and I am very happy with the way it looks. Thanks again!

  60. Gary has been helping me out with Genesis.
    If it wasn’t for this type of person the web would be stuck on stupid forever.

  61. Thank you Gary. In moments you spotted the error in my CSS and got me fixed and sorted.
    Thank you.

  62. Thanks Gary, you led me in exactly the right direction to help me find a way to have great post teasers on the site I’m developing. I really appreciate it.



  63. Gary
    What I like about you is that you take an active role in keeping us from shotting ourselves in the foot. Life is hard enough. You read what someone is about to do and you stop them with real live information. We have not communicated directly so far, and I have already avoided some real disasters.

    Thank you!

  64. Gary – your hunch was correct. I found and deactivated the troublesome plug-in and that resolved the Stack Overflow issue when browsing our site with IE. Thanks for your help!
    Jean Motta

    • You’re welcome Jean. With so many people using a theme like Genesis, any “oddities” that arise such as the one you had, are often down to plugins, which may not have as many users testing it out.

  65. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction for the download I needed – I couldn’t work out what was going on as every time I hit ‘download’ I seemingly looped back to the same thread…then I realised I’d minimised my download box! It’s been a long day – that’s my only excuse!!
    Your patience and the fact that you didn’t add a rude word to your reply to me when I asked such a dumb question are both very kind…

    • @welshgirl – not a problem – so long as you got the download in the end (even if it was several times!), then you’re on the way to getting yourself upgraded 🙂

  66. YOu’re a star! Thanks a bunch for confirming my thoughts and yes – advising that the email notification message in feedburner needs to be updates. It’s such a breeze when you find an answer to a problem in an existing forum. CHEERS!

  67. Gary, thanks for the quick, accurate, and thorough help with adding permalinks to my Genesis-themed WordPress posts. Not only did you provide an elegant solution, you also provided some alternate code and enough info for me to tweak it as needed.

    • Thank you Aaron. You were pretty much there with knowing that the_permalink() was the bit to add – I just wrapped into a hookable function 🙂

  68. Thanks for your layman’s guide to setting up Feedburner on Studiopress support forum. It was exactly what I needed.

  69. A long overdue thanks for your help on more than one occasion in the StudioPress Prose forum Gary. What you do makes a difference. Thanks!

  70. Hi Gary,

    A big thankyou for your help with a function in the Studio Press Genesis forum.

    I would have spent days doing what you fixed in minutes.


  71. Thank you Gary for your help and support on Studio Press forum’s site! Good to know there is somebody, who really understands the problems and can give quick and helpful solutions.


  72. Gary,

    Thanks for the nudge. You are right. Resolving the alignment issues is a bit fiddly, but you have me on track. The first part of your suggestion about decreasing the margin for #featured-properties did one of the tricks. Hopefully, the rest of your suggestions will do the trick as well.


  73. Hi Gary
    Came over from Studiopress Genesis forum via your comment on “IE8 and rounded corners”.

    I’m new over there and am only just getting to know the guys who help.
    Thanks for your help on the rounded corners question.

    BTW – love your footer here – I’d love to add a real footer like this to my Enterpris child theme.
    Any chance of a link to a Studiopress discussion showing how to do it?

    • Hi Keith,
      Thanks for commenting, and welcome to the StudioPress community!
      The current theme here is an un-customised version of the Platinum child theme, so you can look at my CSS, or the Platinum demo / code, to see how it’s done.

      • Hi Gary
        Firebug is fantastic – how did I ever manage without it?

        Keep reading your replies on the forum – creeping closer and closer to an understanding of Genesis.

        Great support you provide Gary.
        Appreciated by all.

  74. Thanks Gary
    I’ll take a look at the Platinum theme, and your CSS.

    Only just installed Firebug – one of your recommendations I think.

  75. Thanks for helping me address that Studiopress child theme footer issue. Your reply was really fast and extremely helpful!

  76. Gary – thanks for your help mate. Just been doing some research about Genesis, and true to your word you were quick and friendly in answering my questions via Twitter. Fingers crossed we can do some work together in the future.

  77. (website will be released end of may) Thank you Gary for your extreme short reply-time on the sidebar issue (question form Ide-lauget in the Focus Child Theme forum)! The site we are working on is for tourists who visit the beautiful county of Tvedestrand on the south coast of Norway. First version in Norwegian only, but as it grows it will be an english version as well. Yepp – a donation is coming up!

    • Good luck with getting your website released 🙂 I do find that having different sidebars for different pages makes a site look much less of a blog, which is useful where a site is using WP predominantly for pages rather than posts.

      • Hi G
        Most of my clients want page based business sites, not blogs and the new releases of Genesis themes are ideal for such sites.

        Genesis gets better and better.

  78. Hi Gary:
    Thanks so much for helping me clear up my (post meta) comment count number styling issue!
    Thank you for all the support you provide for Genesis users. Volunteering your time and expertise on the forums is vital and so appreciated! Your tutorials are very helpful for newbies like myself and I hope you will continue to find time to add others. 🙂

  79. Hi Gary:
    Thanks for helping me clear up the (post meta) comment count number styling issue!
    Thank you for all the support you provide for Genesis users. Volunteering your time, expertise and kindness is vital and so appreciated. Your tutorials are very helpful for newbies like myself and I hope you will find time to add others. 🙂

  80. Thanks for help Gary!
    I found your assistance with correction of the ‘known issue’ with background colour of Header in Prose quite valuable:-). Made the code change and all is well.

  81. Hi Gary,
    Thanks a lot for your help with the post issues on my freelance child theme… i’m a wordpress newbie so i might seem a bit naive with my questions but it’s definitely refreshing to have someone who’s willing to help without being overbearing.

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment 🙂 Don’t worry about asking questions – that’s how you learn stuff, and then you won’t need to ask those questions ever again!

  82. Gary, thanks very much for all your help lately with genesis grid stuff. You obviously know your stuff really well, and your generosity in sharing that with others is admirable.

  83. Gary has a lot of knowledge and does not mind using his talents to help folks. In the Studiopress forum, I made some questions on how the Genesis framework integrates with Google Speed Page and he was able to explain to me all the concepts, one by one.

    Thanks, Gary!

  84. Add another to your “helped” list! Your help was much appreciated in figuring out how to create a page in the Genesis framework that would display child-pages and their excerpts.

  85. Many thanks for answer to the duplicate url problem Gary – it was indeed a permalinks issue which had somehow been customised!
    Many thanks.

  86. Gary, thanks for your brilliant help with my RSS feed. You waded through the thicket and deduced an instant answer that worked!

  87. Gary,

    Thanks for your answer to my question re: Lifestyle Not Found, Error 404 ‘Sample-page’.
    I sometimes feel like the small fish in a big pond and your answers are a big help.

    Keep up the good work!

  88. Thank you Gary for your help tonight and I’m sure future help as well. I really do appreciate it!

  89. Thanks Gary for all of your work on Genesis. I also appreciate your help with Cross Browser CSS issues. I have another IE8 problem I will likely lean on you for!!

  90. Gary, as always, your answers are quick and accurate. I truly appreciate extensive knowledge
    of WP and Studiopress and your willingness to help out the Studiopress community by sharing your knowledge.

    Best regards,


  91. Hi Gary,

    I really appreciate all of your help over the last few months with various Genesis blogs. You are so quick to respond and so helpful. Thank you very much!


  92. Hi Gary, I just wanted to stop by and give you a big thank you for helping me out in the StudioPress forums. I can see you are a fantastic guy and really appreciate your help!

    I look forward to learning more about you,


  93. Gary, thank you very much. Your advice to fix a huge ugly PayPal button helped tremendously. You left coding for the problem in Thesis forum.

    Thanks again

  94. Gary,

    Thank you for your helpfulness and support with respect to the PHP issue. It seems to have even confounded webhost support personnel who just say, “Well, this is what we have…”

    Peace to you in the UK,
    Doug Arnold

  95. salve, ho da tempo il vostro tema genesis ed è andato sempre bene, dopo l’ultimo aggiornamento nn riesco più a utilizzare la pagina dei widget , ne tanto meno l’utilizzo completo della bakeca così come l’utilizzo di swault layout. Cosa mi consigli? Ho acquistato diversi temi dei vostri , ma se non mi funziona la genesis perdo tutto. saluti. Giuseppe

  96. Hi
    Thanks for your help in untangling where to look for the error on the Metric theme/plugin, much appreciated for your help/responses.

  97. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for pushing the need to translate the latest strings in Genesis 1.7 that were still not translatable since 1.4. This removes a lot of pain when upgrading Genesis with non English sites!

    I remember I had a lot of frustration with this until you stepped in.


  98. Quick response to my question ‘where do I find Genesis Slider Widget’ in my StudioPress child theme? (Question posted in the SP forums.)
    Thanks Gary!

  99. Gary,

    Thank you so much for going above and beyond to help me customize some of the design settings on my blog (http://katywidrick.com). You responded quickly, clearly and gave me the very specific instructions I needed, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated it. It’s one of the reasons that I recommend Genesis to others — the great work that developers like you do in the forums to empower the rest of us!

  100. Thank you, Gary.

    You helped me to understand what is going on with the author box on my website. It was a simple answer. That is it was simple to you, but it was so frustrating to me. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  101. Gary, thank you for taking the time to answer my question on the Studio Press forums, specifically about the In-line Javascript and CSS. I appreciate your time.



  102. Gary,

    Thanks so much for helping me with my permalinks issue. Your suggestion to not mark my pages as subpages and allowing them top-level permalinks makes total sense!

    I appreciate your time and expertise in the studiopress forum.

  103. Thanks for your help Gary with my blog (www.outofbedtrader.com).
    It is quite amazing the time and effort you seem to spent in helping others.

    Much appreciated and all the best!

  104. Hi Gary! Just wanted to say “thank you!” for your help! You were the very first person to answer my forum question re: how to remove/delete the date from my modern blogger genesis theme. You were not only the first person, but you gave me exact directions on how to resolve my issue promptly and correctly. I am grateful that you were kind enough to take time out of your day to “volunteer” and help someone else out. I am obviously new to wordpress and css and everything else, so people like you, make my life so much easier! Thank you, thank you!

  105. Thank you so much for your help in how to change the background image for a single page on a website (Genesis Agency Child Theme). I am still building that website, but knew this was something I really needed to do! I appreciate your time!

  106. Hi Gary,

    Thanks a million for all of your assistance integrating jquery into the Genesis site I’m working on. I consider myself fairly Genesis savvy, but java script is a completely different story. I can’t thank you enough!

  107. No other site explained so clearly how to use custom.css with the CSS Class field on the Edit Page. Beautifully demonstrated. A simple thanks belies the huge stress relief you’ve provided this newbie!

  108. Hi Gary,

    I asked you to ‘have a quick look’ at my website. I didn’t realise you’d send me a lengthy report. I adhere to your suggestions and have made some major changes on my website.

    You’ve a very kind heart and your advice is valuable, and your observations are sharp. I think you speak plain English too. Thank you.

    I was in Basingstoke yesterday and I thought ‘Ah, Gary lives here.” I’m not a stalker and I think Basingstoke is fortunate to have a kind soul like you.

  109. You’ve helped me a lot on different occasions. Taking time out on twitter to reply about rookie-things that I used to (and still) ask on #genesiswp, sending reference links or literature whenever you had any and currently helping everyone on slack (genesiswp.slack.com).

    You’ve always been a authority that beginners, pros and genesis wiz look towards when they need inside-peek of how genesis (or clean code for that matter) works. You can simply point our questions to your code-audit section where everyone needs to pay for your time, but instead you reply back with a solution or path to the solution.

    Thanks for the time you spend helping all of us. You rock!

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