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  • Guest Post: Getting the f**k on with it

    Guest Post: Getting the f**k on with it

    When asked to write a guest blog post for the venerable Mr Jones my initial thought was to write something witty and succinct. However upon realisation that being neither concise nor humorous are my greatest talents the following ramblings seem appropriate. I’m going to write about accomplishment, progress, recovery. However you deem to express it for me they all boil down to the same basic principle. That principle to me is (if you’ll excuse my French) getting the f**k on with it.

  • Guest Post: Anne Wayman

    Guest Post: Anne Wayman

    A guest post from Anne Wayman: Back when the web was young and I was younger, I tried my hand at web design. It was the days before web editors and when the early web editors arrived they were often more trouble then they were worth. I discovered my magazine work had given me a pretty good eye for how a web page should look. It was in the early ‘90s that a friend and I formed a partnership to offer web development. Our venture didn’t last long. It wasn’t lack of customers; it was the difficulty in supporting them. The web was so new that very few really understood what it might do for a business or an individual.

  • Guest Post: Science is NOT a Marketing Opportunity

    Guest Post: Science is NOT a Marketing Opportunity

    You won’t have failed to notice that increasingly, coverage of science in the media has been reduced to some lazy pillock promoting a formula to determining the most depressing day of the year, or the like. Unlike the grains of knowledge your work painstakingly hacked for the rock face of ignorance, this half-assed piece of invention is splashed all over the papers, radio and TV. So get in on the act -100 times the publicity with 1/100 of the work!It’s a simple process – find something you reckon the dish-clothed brained public care about, bang in some variables (it doesn’t matter what, no one cares), write some nonsense about how important it all is and fire it off to every damn journalist type you know.

  • Guest Post: Buying Your First Home

    Erin from Thirty Something has written a guest blog post about buying her first home.

  • Guest Post: Choosing a Career

    Erin from Thirty Something writes a guest blog post about how she chose her career.