Fresh Smelling

After helping Kev Deighton with some simple JavaScript, back in August 2003, he sent the following reply:

Holy Bum Smarties! That’s exactly what I was looking for. One of these days dude I’ll repay you, in mints mostly, and possibly also in lemons. You’ll have so many mints and lemons you will no doubt be offered gainful employment in a public lavatory at a busy train station, using the potent force of your own shit to keep the bowls fresh and zesty. Glade will double and doubtless redouble (at a later date, obviously, when the earlier doubling has proven thoroughly insufficient) their efforts to plug you in.

The tang of your own delightful turds will garnish diet cokes in trendy cafes and bars on the continent, and any remainder that you can pump out will be chewed upon nervously by both eager parties prior to adolescent courtship activities.

Your poop will make the world a better place, for everybody.

Nice to feel appreciated 🙂






3 responses to “Fresh Smelling”

  1. Remkus Avatar

    LOL, took you but 8 years to publish that though? 🙂

    1. Gary Avatar

      Just an email I found in a “To Keep” folder as I was having a clear out 🙂

      1. Remkus Avatar