Evening Adventures

We headed out at about 7pm and walked into town, aiming for the restaurants / bars area of Basingstoke. A quick wander through and we chose to go to Spur. Only problem was they were queueing to get in, so we chose Dexter’s instead. Good meal, although the drinks were a little expensive.

After the food came the drink, so we went to Lloyd’s bar and propped up the corner of said bar for most of the night. Atmosphere was good, drinks were cold and cheaper, views of the clientèle were nice (!) and rugby and football were on the TV – result! We left about 2am and stumbled home where I couldn’t get the key in to the door. When we got in, I made tea, Dad fell asleep on the sofa, then I went upstairs to be ill in the bathroom. I don’t recall having moved the bin by the side of the bed, or indeed putting a plastic bag in it in case of future illness, but I’m obviously well-trained, even in the drunken state.

Next thing I know, it’s morning and the phone’s ringing. My head doesn’t hurt as much as it should, but my tummy is far from happy, and is still not right even now. I think I might even still be a little drunk, hence the poor writing of this post. *hic* I’m not at the “I’m never drinking again” stage, but I am thinking that I hate hangovers!