Category: Development

  • Battrick Developments

    As it’s now officially been made public that I’ve been made in to a developer for Battrick, I can now share my thoughts on developments for my own spreadsheets and tools.

  • RegExp's – just like Marmite

    I sent the author of a WordPress plugin some code to help improve the plugin, and this was his reply.

  • Talent-Finder Released

    Over the last few days I’ve been helping to do some work on a new spreadsheet for the Battrick game I play. Someone (zinc) had found a highly accurate formula to work out the un-displayed sub levels of players, based on their wage, and this spreadsheet made use of that formula.

  • Battrick Search Strings

    I’m not expecting a flood of traffic now I’ve started with the blog, but it’s interesting to see how people are finding my site, especially when it’s all on one topic – Battrick!

  • FC Fixtures

    This is a reference post for those Battrick managers using my Timetable-Helper, part of the Battrick-Helper spreadsheets.

  • Review: hReview WordPress Plugin

    A review of the hReview WordPress plugin. Marked up as a hReview, naturally.