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  • Battrick Tools – End of an Innings

    Battrick Tools – End of an Innings

    This website’s main traffic for the last few years has been for content and tools related to Battrick – users following the links there to this site, or finding this site in search results for the term “battrick” and / or the name of the tools I’d built for it.

  • New Site Theme

    The Thesis WordPress theme that I purchased is amazing, and probably the best, most comprehensive theme out there. The SEO, usability and customisation benefits are superb.

  • Thesis Theme Semantics

    My thoughts on the Thesis theme for WordPress and why I can’t *quite* bring myself to purchase it. Yet.

  • IE7 not showing ActiveX filter opacity

    I had an issue today where IE7 wasn’t applying opacity to images, even with the filter:alpha(opacity) hack (as CSS3 opacity isn’t supported). Here how to fix the problem.

  • Battrick Mug

    Battrick Mug

    Look what arrived in the post for me yesterday! My very own, named, mug with the Battrick logo printed on it!

  • Norton Help(less) Desk

    We’d got a report that a page on the Battrick site was coming up as being a phishing url in Norton Internet Security. I tried contacting a Norton agent, to see if they could help, as although the page in question is in a “hidden” frame, it’s not even close to being a phishing page.…