Smidge and Smudge: No News Is Good News

Just a quick update as Gary hasn’t done one for a while. I think that the main reason for no updates is that the twins have been fairly stable, with no major changes for a while. They’ve been a bit up and down, as previously, but nothing too worrying or critical.

First Cuddles

It’s now been 96 hours since it all kicked off, so just short of four days since Smidge and Smudge arrived, and in the meantime they’ve been doing fantastically well.

In-Laws’ 40th Anniversary Barbecue

Katie’s parents have been together for 40 years, so they had a small barbecue to celebrate. Present were myself and Katie, her parents, her mother’s parents, and her brother and his girlfriend.

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Chicago Trip

A write-up of my trip to Chicago, 26th July – 4th August 2011. WordCamp The WordCamp Chicago 2011 was my primary reason for coming over here, so it was one of the main focal points of the trip. In short, I loved it – although the talks were interesting enough, the main highlight for me… Continue reading Chicago Trip

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