My Goals for 2018

My goals for 2018, in no particular order: Write More I'd love to get an email course, and a premium course put out there, but both of those require me to be a creator in a way that doesn't come naturally for me, motivation-wise. I'm happy to spend hours going doing a coding rabbit hole,… Continue reading My Goals for 2018

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Dad for a year

My twins, known online as Smidge and Smudge, have just reached their first birthday, which means I’ve been a father for a year. It’s been a relatively quick year, due to the twins having spent the first three months in hospital, but overall it’s been a good one. They’ve come through all the setbacks they… Continue reading Dad for a year

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The family has been overrun with a bug over the last few days, one which has made me and Katie violently ill.

Smidge and Smudge are just about getting back to normal, as are Katie and myself (other than bruising and tiredness), but it means a lot of catching up on jobs and life to do.

Smidge’s Surgery

So this week’s excitement was taking Smidge down to Southampton hospital for his hernia repair surgery. He went in on Friday morning and my biggest concern aside from everything going well in theatre, was that he was not allowed anything to eat or drink pretty much all day. I could just envision him screaming and… Continue reading Smidge’s Surgery