Battrick Search Strings

I’m not expecting a flood of traffic now I’ve started with the blog, but it’s interesting to see how people are finding my site. Part of the content I have is for Battrick, a cricket management game I play. There’s a few spreadsheets I’ve created, and other tools and stuff – the BT community seem to find it useful. Despite the in-game links posted in various places, it seems managers are still using Google to re-find my tools. This is from this month’s stats:

Search strings for this site, January 2008

OK, so some queries have only had one hit, but I think it’s pretty conclusive what people are coming to my site for! I’ve yet to add the content to WordPress, and when I do I’ll be changing some of it around a bit, and hopefully make it even better. It currently ranks 11th in Google, just for the word Battrick, which isn’t bad at all!

By Gary Jones

Husband, dad of twins, software engineering lead, and a middle-of-the-pack runner.