Battrick Tools – End of an Innings

This website’s main traffic for the last few years has been for content and tools related to Battrick – users following the links there to this site, or finding this site in search results for the term “battrick” and / or the name of the tools I’d built for it.

Traffic Stats

Some stats, for this site, since 9th Sep 2008, to 14th May 2011:

  • 35.87% of all visits had as a referrer.
  • 60.23% of all referral visits came from
  • 8 of the top 13 referral sites were Battrick related.
  • 12 of the top 15 search terms were Battrick related.
  • 61.98%+ of all page views were for Battrick related content.

The Decision

I suspect most of the tools I had were now out of date, and as per my post from over three years ago, I won’t be updating them. I’m no longer active on Battrick as a developer, but I still have no inclination to update the tools since I’m barely active as a user too.

As such, with immediate effect, I’ve removed the Battrick-related pages on this site and redirected all the URLs to this blog post. The downloadable files for the tools are also no longer available.

I’ve still left the Stadium-Helper and Face-Generator (I’m not sure this is working properly anyway) online tools up for now, although these may well get pulled down without warning too. If you want to take my code (as awful as it is, written a few years ago) for these and re-work and host them yourself, let me know.


There are two alternatives that I can offer: Keggut’s Battrick Helpfile (although at the time of writing, it appears to be linking to my now non-existant files), and AtStumps.






3 responses to “Battrick Tools – End of an Innings”

  1. Jack Hargreaves (AnarchyStorm) avatar
    Jack Hargreaves (AnarchyStorm)

    Hi Gary,

    Just wanted to say thanks for those helpful spreadsheets for Stadium upgrades and also the finance helper.

    Do you still have the finance helping spreadsheet available anywhere as I can no longer find it on Battrick?

    Thanks again

    1. Gary avatar

      Find Keggut’s Battrick Helpfile, as he should now be hosting copies of the spreadsheets.

  2. Mahindinho avatar

    Just seen this page. Just thought I’d add my thanks — I guess I use AtStumps almost every day. In something like a decade of Hattrick and then Battrick, it’s the best tool I’ve seen.

    So long, and thanks for all the updates.