Basingstoke Tweetup #1

The Summary

The first Basingstoke Tweetup (a Twitter meet-up) was considered a good success by all. Although only 12 out of 20 planned attendees arrived, it probably made for a better event as there was time and opportunity to chat to each and every other person there.

The start of the event was made a little unusual (not that we’d established any sort of “usual” by that point) by having the reporter and photographer doing their thing for a newspaper article now out. I’d invited them down in the hope that we could spread the word a bit, and get more attendees next for the next month. Plus, it was something unusual, something related to Basingstoke, and something very relevant in this period of social networking buzz – they could hardly say no!
Plenty of chat, laughter and discussion followed. The event was in effect sponsored by The Escape as they kindly picked up the bar tab for the whole evening – that definitely made the event more enjoyable!
For me, I thoroughly enjoyed it – there were people there from my line of work (web development), from my street, and those who had interested me with their tweets before the event. I think the novelty of the event itself made everyone feel relaxed enough to enjoy it, and I’m hoping that the feedback from this can lead to something even better for next month.

The Gallery

The Details

Thursday 9th April.
Red Lion Hotel.






One response to “Basingstoke Tweetup #1”

  1. Jacqui Sanwell Avatar

    It was a good evening, thoroughly enjoyed it. Very relaxed but interesting people all round. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for organising it Gary.