Ask me a question

Quite simply, if you could ask me any question, what would it be?

It could be something you wanted to know about me, or a question about how to solve a problem you need help with. Go on, make it as diverse as you can. Randomness is good!

11 responses to “Ask me a question”

    • Historically I always ate Cheddar, as that’s what my mother always used to buy. I’m quite partial to lots of different cheeses though – currently there’s quite a few mini Babybels in our fridge, along with some Red Leicester, some “plastic” (processed) cheese slices, and some squidgy cheese spread, both in plain flavour and with chives.
      I also like the Garlic Roulade – anything with lots of flavour, (or maybe it’s just the garlic I love).

      What’s your favourite kind of cheese?

      • A nice bit of brie. With a few grapes and some crusty bread. Glass of rioja to wash it down.

  1. Is your name spelt correctly on the electrol role?

    • It is, as it would have been me that put it on there.
      Although “Garry” is the second most popular way of spelling the first name similar to mine, “Gari” and “Garrie” are also valid alternatives.

      • I have to say, I like Garrie as a spelling. Or Steven, but thats a different name.

  2. Are you using Pure CSS Dropdown? If so, how’d you get the rounded corners? Real nice touch! Mind sharing?

    • Yes, the site uses CSS only dropdowns. It’s created via the default styles that come with my theme – Thesis – and my own styles. I doubt the dropdown works in IE6, but that’s a decision I’ve made not to support it. The parent pages all link to their child pages anyway.
      The rounded corners are also done with CSS. Again, it may not be supported in some browsers, but they’ll just get the square-cornered version, which is fine with me.

    • My phone at the moment is a Samsung Tocco. I bought it a year ago last week, and its served me well. Having since played with an iPhone (it’s clear to see where Samsung’s inspiration comes from), I noticed how poor the UI was, but a firmware flash or two later, and it’s behaving itself a lot better.

      As for PHP – there’s plenty of free online resources around, but really, once you’ve learnt one programming language, and understand the concepts of coding (like what is a function, conditional loops, variables, general syntax etc) then converting from one language to another is far easier. Thesis isn’t too difficult to understand – it’s the PHP that non-coders struggle with. Read the forums, and Answers sites, and you’ll soon pick it up.