And so I go

The stuff for shipping is just about sorted, with the exception being the computer and monitor. That is being picked up tomorrow this afternoon and is being whisked away, never to be seen….for at least 2, maybe 3, possibly even 6 weeks. Consequently, fewer blog posts, fewer Battrick sledging board arguments, and fewer Facebook updates.

The suitcase is also packed, though trying to fit two weeks worth of Australia clothes into a suitcase designed to hold a few days worth of clothes for a fly is less than ideal. However, through the wonders of having had my Weetabix this morning, along with the flair of Poirot, I can reveal that “ze case, mon ami, it is clozed”.

Which basically leaves just about everything else to go into Storage. Dad and I have done a couple of trips, and we’re confident of being able to fit it all in. The stuff for the charity shop will go either today or Friday, a quick run round with a hoover and that will be that.

I’ll be at Dad’s on Friday night, to leave the car there, then we head to Heathrow early on Saturday. From then on, we’ll see what happens.

A personal note of thanks to my Dad for coming down to help do the DIY and pack stuff – I would still be here come 2008 otherwise.