Wedding Venue

On Friday last week, we confirmed our provisional booking of The Hampshire Court Hotel in Basingstoke as the venue for our wedding, wedding breakfast, and evening buffet.

We had been fortunate (unfortunate?) enough to stay there when we first arrived back from Malaysia after the tenants had accidentally set fire to our house. We were allowed to stay for about 10 days, before the loss adjusters wanted to move us to somewhere cheaper.

The hotel itself is really nice – it’s somewhere I consider as being nice for conferences and events. We’ve been treated well by all staff every time we’ve gone there, and frankly I can’t think of a bad thing to say about it!
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Battrick Mug

Here’s what arrived for me in the post yesterday. Apparently BT-allanfc received one as well. He’ll be talking to the supplier to see if we can’t have more produced (with and without the manager’s name on the back) so we can add them to the shop supply.
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Boiler Installation

After we had a water leak, we decided to get a new combi-boiler installed. This shows the work in progress. Click the images for more detailed descriptions. A full review of the work done will be added later.
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Coffee Morning

Every fortnight, the Melaka Ladies (a group of ex-pats and local females) meet for a coffee morning. As an honorary member of the group, I usually tag along. Though not every guy’s way to spend a morning, you’ll be surprised at the gossip and interesting things you find out about whilst there (shoes and breastfeeding-related things excluded). As there are four of us due to leave soon, we had a coffee morning leaving do. Most of the photos were taken by Maria; you can find these and the rest of the set in her Facebook Album (click to see the full image).
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