Poem: Regrets

We all have things we should have done.
An ever increasing list of things that will last.
Coloured ink on white paper tell us all,
The jobs for us to do from the past.

Darkness. Nothingness.

There will be many deaths to loved ones in our lives.
Many departures from this oh so sacred world of ours.
Words thought, but never said for fear of the unknown,
After death will haunt us for many weeks days and hours.

Darkness. Nothingness.

Life is full of regrets.
Things we did, or didn’t do.
If only, if only, if only,
We had that moment in life once more, just one more try,
I’m sure we’ll get it right this time.

Each moment in our short lives is unique,
Yet each affects many others,
One go is all we get,
A single try. A solitary chance. If we fail, then that’s it.
No second chances, not until after the Darkness and Nothingness.

Darkness. Nothingness.

So final, yet so endless. The very understanding of it is incomprehensible.
The very nature of it is unreal, and the very question of it is unanswered.
No regrets, no life, no anything. It just is.

Poem: One Day

One day all this will be gone.

Our every whim uncatered for, until the end of time.
But what of now?
What can we do this very instant that would envelop the senses of the future,
And allow us a glimpse of our unfortunate demise?

Maybe we should build a time machine, travel forward an era or two,
Show ourselves the “meaningless of life.”
Maybe we could search for someone who has travelled back from the future.
They might have come back to see how life once was, innocent, unwary, and pathetic.

Why carry on something that will only end in failure?
What can we seriously hope to achieve in this, the futile glory of the grand scheme?
Stabbing ourselves in the back is how one could see it.
An arrow, fired by our bow of technological advancement, piercing our lungs of reason,
Halting the calls for a logical outlook.

So as I said, one day all this will be gone.

Poem: Ode To Kristen

Your name is Kristen, and you live in Bermuda
The only word that kinda rhymes is barracuda.
You sit in the sun, drinking anything cold,
It’s not liquor cos ya sixteen years old.

Ya chat on the ’net talking to all the ickle peeps,
They tell you all their secrets, and you have them for keeps.
Ya do ya little website, with all the fairy things,
It changes every week, with what your mood brings.

Ya don’t go to school nearly every other day,
So ya can stay at home, with the Internet and play.
Ya change ya name from Skylar, through nightmare and Rain,
There’s so many of you it hurts my little brain.

The moral of this poem should you want to know,
Is listen to your friends if you’re feeling low.
We are here to help, and guide you if we can,
Sorting out your problems, usually about a man!

Poem: Moments

The sun rises up, we both lie awake,
We open our eyes, to see the lake,
Down by the shore, the water laps,
Between the stones, into the gaps.

We rise from our beds, a little sore,
The earth beneath us, is soft no more,
We stretch out our limbs, and look around,
The frost has arrived, and covered the ground.

I look at you, you look at me,
We stare intently, and what do we see?
A vision of beauty, a vision of life,
Is there a reason, for holding this knife?

It glints in the sun, its power embraced,
The moment now, is the worse that we’ve faced,
Who will move first? What will they do?
We both try to guess, neither has a clue.

We both look up, a sound from above,
There in the distance, a brilliant white dove,
The moment is forgotton, the truth untold,
The moral of this story, to you I behold.

I’ll let you know now, for your own piece of mind,
Troubles lie ahead, for the rest of Mankind,
Problems we solve, may yet reappear,
Solutions should be found, and then made clear.

Moments in history, have helped us today,
The answers they found, have shown us the way,
Let it not be, as your moments unfold,
Have riddles perfected, but left untold.

You’ve searched this story, you’ve sought in vain,
You’ve read the script, you’re going insane,
Life is a story, what does it say?
Moments change quickly, as time slips away.

Poem: My Everlasting Memory

I lost a loved one almost ten years to the day.
I remember some of the memories, others have faded away.
What tears me up the most, and to you maybe the same,
Is that never again will we here, that treasured voice again.

It was my Grandfather who left us, I remember the day I was told.
I was sitting at home, with my mum, I was only nine years old.
Now something like that for a nine year old, is such a weird thing,
You know that something is wrong, because everyone around you is crying.

It wasn’t like that for me though, I had only my mum for support,
It didn’t sink in at first, but later when the evening came, she appeared very distraught,
She told me straight and didn’t hold back, and gave me a hug to ease our pains,
I cried like I had never cried before, aching inside, becoming a man in one day.

I was allowed to the funeral, for which now I shall always be grateful,
And it was there that I knew I was a child, for when it came to say the Lords prayer,
I spoke no words. I said my own words of love, to the man I take after,
As his coffin was taken away to a place behind the curtain,
I tried to help my mother and her mother, and those who were there that day,
But inside, at that moment I was being torn up.
Perhaps I was too young to understand what was going on, though I believe I wasn’t,
Maybe the hurt and discomfort passed over my little body, not ready to set down,
Could it be that I felt my Grandfathers death as a child or an adult? Who knows?
All I can say is that, for a nine year old,
I have experienced something that will last a lifetime.